Friday, September 4, 2009

Water Spirit


Raven said...

I love this picture! It seems sweet and peaceful. I suppose I was predisposed to, as I am very fond of any live body of water and the creatures who dwell in it.

There is a section of the Yellowstone River near where I live that I am obessed with and have found many items that were clearly made by people.

Asking around, I seem to be the first person to find artifacts there, but I think it may be that everyone else only looks for agates. Since I found the first item (a stone axe) I look for other things. I think the ancestors know I cherish them.

Lance Michael Foster said...

Thank you, Raven
If you go to your special place in the half-hour before and after dawn, and before and after sunset, it may show you some real surprises
Just sit quietly, be attentive, and see what happens :-)