Friday, September 30, 2011

Local TV News does story on the murals

Helena history murals 

on downtown walking mall

For several months now, local artist Lance Foster 
has been using his spare time to put up a series 
of murals in the downtown walking mall.
Foster was selected by the city to do the project two years 
ago. It's now nearing completion. Foster is focusing on 
what he remembers of the area as a child – namely the 
Chinatown area of downtown Helena and Big Dorothy's 
rooms, a long-closed bordello.
He says it's his way of celebrating all parts of Helena 
history, even if they were fringe elements of society in 
their time.
"It's part of who we are and as it says on the mural of 
Dorothy, any town that doesn't recognize its colorful side 
is a boring town to live in,” says Foster.
The murals are painted on entranceways in an alley off 
of the walking mall. The door frames allowed Foster a little 
fun – you can have your picture taken as if you're on 
Dorothy's bed or in a Chinese take-out box.

Story by Ryan Whalen, Beartooth NBC. Copyright ©2011
Beartooth Communications Company. All Rights Reserved.

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